Top 3 Reasons To Use Essential Oils

Top 3 Reasons To Use Essential Oils

1. Essential Oils Bring Your Body To Balance

When your body is in balance it is more able to defend itself from bacteria and viruses. The more you use 100% pure essential oils, the more your cells are nourished and toxins are drawn out.

Ingesting Vitality Dietary essential oils with food, helps vitamins and minerals to be absorbed better into cells. This means that the food that you eat gives your body the nourishment it needs. Of course the food needs to be good nourishing food with plenty of fruit and veggies, not processed food!

Balanced body is a healthy body!

2. Beautiful Aroma From Essential Oils Affect Mood And Feelings

When essential oils are diffused in a cold air diffuser the oil molecules are spread everywhere in the room. The tiny molecules travel directly through your nose to the brain affecting your feelings and mood.  For example Peppermint oil helps to focus and feel more alert. Inhaling Rosemary oil eases anxiety and improves mental clarity!

Using essential oils topically gives your body the benefit of oils reaching the full body system. Oils applied to skin penetrate the cells and travel through the body in few minutes, reaching every part of the body in 20 minutes. This is why many apply essential oils on the arch of the foot. The skin is soft, and oils applied under foot affect the whole body just like reflexology or foot massage.

3. Using Essential Oils Instead Of Harmful Chemicals Reduces The Toxic Load

When you use natural products and essential oils you reduce the amount of toxins your body is bombarded with every day. Think how many ingredients are in regular skin care products, shampoos, shower gels, soaps and tooth pastes. Most of them have also fragrances which contain huge amount of chemicals that are not listed in the product ingredient list. These are very harmful for the body.

Average woman in the US uses 12 personal care products every day. These contain approximately 168 different chemicals.*

Cleaning products are another concern. They are poisons and have warnings in product labels. Why not use natural products instead? For example cleaning the kitchen bench is very effective with a spray bottle of water, white vinegar and drops of Lemon essential oil. Or ready made natural product Thieves Household Cleaner. These clean and refresh the kitchen having antibacterial properties without the harsh chemicals.

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