What Happens When You Get Too Much Abundance?

What Happens When You Get Too Much Abundance?

This week began with a bang of Abundance for me, literally! I was going to a business meeting and as always I put a drop of Young Living Abundance oil blend on my wrist to bring me good luck in getting new customers.

  • Abundance oil is supposed to attract anything you want; prosperity, love, health or anything you like or need at the moment in your life, and also to magnify joy and peace.

Young Living Abundance Essential OilWell, this time when I opened the cap of the bottle in a hurry, for some reason the dropper top of the bottle came off along with the cap. I did not notice this, and just turned the half full 15 ml bottle on my wrist and screamed, when most of the exquisite essential oil poured on my wrist, hands, watch and the carpet!

I rushed to the bathroom trying not to drip more oil on the carpet, washed my hands and watch. My husband ran to my aid, wiping brown essential oil from the cream colored carpet with a paper towel. Most of the oil came off, but the color stayed!

How could we get the oil off the carpet, I was thinking frantically. Well, vegetable oil dilutes essential oils. This in mind I got out the coconut oil, and started rubbing it onto the colored spots with a tea towel. And to my relief, it started coming out, luckily we have a wool carpet which is easier to clean. Now we can hardly see the area where the Abundance poured on.

But my watch strap is permanently immersed in Abundance and it still smells devine!

Abundance oil blend consists of following essential oils:

  • Orange
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Frankincense
  • Ginger
  • Spruce
  • Patchouli and
  • Myrrh

Now you all probably question if the Abundance worked, did I get a new customer … This is still a work in progress with this contact, but I did get new customers unexpectedly a couple of days later.
Also, what I did get this week, was what I really needed – a boost of inspiration to go and join a local Yoga And Pilates Studio and actually go to 3 classes already. My body is so thankful, feeling the goodness of doing exercise again!

Abundance works in unexpected ways, always bringing some good things in life. You never know exactly what until it happens!

About Tuula

Tuula Olin is a Raindrop Technique practitioner and Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor (ID 1241038) from Australia. Her interests are natural toxic-free living, health & fitness, alkaline diet and raw food recipes and yoga.

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