Relieve Christmas Stress With Christmas Spirit

Relieve Christmas Stress With Christmas Spirit

Are you feeling stressed about Christmas?

Do you feel there is not enough time and energy to get everything ready for Christmas? There’s so much to do – home to clean, Christmas cards to send, house to decorate, menu to plan, groceries to get, foods to prepare, and of course gifts to buy and wrap. Have you remembered everyone, can you keep everyone happy or are your chosen presents going to be a hit or thrown in the bin?

All this can become overwhelming, and every year many people, especially mothers get stressed and cannot feel the joyous Christmas spirit. And still, Christmas should be the time of joy, peace and togetherness, time for family and making happy memories!

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Some things can make getting ready for Christmas easier.  First up, women would be better off if they lowered the expectations they put on themselves; the family would  benefit from having a more relaxed Mom in the house. The house does not need a super clean-up with every nook and cupboard scrubbed and reorganized. Christmas cards could be forgotten one year; I am sure the Christmas would not be ruined if you did not send them!

Or why not make a bulk email with a few lines and a photo, that would even be ecological – no paper waste or transport exhaustion. The menu from previous years can be saved and re-used every Christmas, and online delivery from the grocery works really well too. And the most important thing – share the work load, cleaning, baking, cooking… give everyone in the family something they are responsible for. This way Mom can relax too and enjoy the Christmas without being tired, disappointed and angry. Everyone deserves to be happy at Christmas time!

Christmas Spirit

One good way to create some Christmas spirit in the house during weeks before the holiday season is diffusing an essential oil blend called Christmas Spirit. It is a purifying blend of evergreen, citrus and spices that bring about the feelings of joy, peace and happiness. Christmas Spirit Blend by Young Living

Christmas Spirit™ is a blend of orange, cinnamon bark and spruce essential oils.

  • Spruce Oil brings about the smell of Christmas trees and makes the whole house feel cosy and beautiful. Spurce also brings about a feeling of balance and grounding.

This oil blend brings beautiful and happy feelings in to the home with its delicate spicy smell.
Christmas Spirit will bring good will to all!

Merry Christmas to all and everyone!

[ Image: Chris Palmer, Flickr, Creative Commons Licence]

About Tuula

Tuula Olin is a Raindrop Technique practitioner and Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor (ID 1241038) from Australia. Her interests are natural toxic-free living, health & fitness, alkaline diet and raw food recipes and yoga.


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