Raindrop Technique® testimonials…

Have a read what others say after receiving a Raindrop Technique session from Tuula:

[quote]Every time after the treatment I feel like another person – so calm and relaxed! I’m sure this has helped a lot for my neck tension too. Thank you so much Tuula for taking such a good care of me every time!
– Sanni Honkanen, January 2013[/quote]

[quote]My experience of receiving Raindrop Technique massage, has been of deep relaxation, healing and being nurtured. I smell pretty good afterwords, too!
– Fritz Coates, December 2012 [/quote]

[quote]What a great feeling it is every time after Raindrop Technique session! I feel so relaxed and all the aches and pains just fly away. It is quite normal to have that feeling for even 3 days after the session. I highly recommend this and especially Tuula Olin  to everyone!
– Merike Laakso, November 2012 [/quote]

[quote]Thanks for Tuula! I can say that the treatment was excellent, even exceeded my thoughts. So relaxing and such aromas from all these wonderful oils – I can warmly recommend. I’ll book again. I’m ready to rock the world!
– Marika Lang, November 2012[/quote]

[quote]What a wonderfully abundant radiant day…… received an incredible Raindrop Technique off the gorgeous Tuula Olin, she is an amazing practitioner with gentle and nurturing hands I actually fell asleep, most of my aches and pains are gone thank you Tuula!
– Amy Marais, September 2012[/quote]


These testimonials have been given with a permission to be used publicly to  Tuula Olin,  qualified Raindrop Technique practitioner ID1241038.


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