Great Hack For Thick Lustrous Hair With Ylang Ylang

Great Hack For Thick Lustrous Hair With Ylang Ylang

How To Stop Hair From Thinning And Get Back That Thick Lustrous Hair

After I had children my hair started thinning. My Scandinavian hair is naturally very thin but with age and giving birth it started to become annoyingly thin. That is now all in the past because I found great natural products that have helped my hair grow. My hair is now healthier and thicker than ever before!

Lavender Volume Shampoo For Healthy Hair

This Young Living Shampoo is exactly what I needed. It cleanses, removes buildup and nourishes fine hair. It has botanical extracts and vitamins as well as Lavender essential oil to maximise body and strengthen hair. After using other commercial shampoos for so long, my hair had chemical buildup. It took a few weeks of using Lavender Volume Shampoo to remove all the nasties from my hair.

While that was happening the shampoo did not form much foam while I was washing my hair. Obviously the ingredients were mixing with the unwanted chemicals I had in my hair. When the chemical buildup had cleared after several washes, the shampoo began to foam like I was used to when washing my hair.

My Ylang Ylang Hack For Even More Lustrous Hair

I have always loved the sight of thick curls on women. This is what I wanted too and it made me look further. Ylang Ylang essential oil has traditionally been used in hair formulas to promote thick, shiny and lustrous hair. Therefore I decided to add Ylang Ylang drops into my Lavender Volume Shampoo.

This is my Ylang Ylang Hack: I pour half of a new, full bottle of Lavender Shampoo into an empty bottle and then add 20 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil. This way I can shake the bottle well and get the essential oil mixed with the shampoo properly.

Ylang Ylang Lavender Shampoo has been wonderful for my hair. It even protects from split ends!

Other Benefits Of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

While helping my hair become stronger Ylang Ylang has other benefits as well. It has a flowery smell, the words meaning ‘flower of flowers’. It has been used to cover the beds of newly weds  on their wedding night! Aromatically it balances male-female energies, influences sexual energy and enhances relationships.

Ylang Ylang is calming and relaxing, and it restores confidence and joy, bringing back feelings of self-love. All great things one could ask for. And now you can have it all while shampooing your hair!

If you’d like to find out how to get your own Young Living shampoos and essential oils such as Ylang Ylang, see the options for purchasing on this page: How To Buy Essential Oils

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