How To Enjoy Christmas Time With Essential Oils

How To Enjoy Christmas Time With Essential Oils

Would You Like To Be Calm And Grounded To Enjoy Christmas?

Christmas time is often far too busy, especially for Moms! We need to plan the festivities, clean the house, organise and shop for gifts and cards, and cook… bake… and cook some more. It does not sound very relaxing or fun, and even less so if you are not a Christmas person!

We should remember that if Mom is stressed and tired, the children feel it too. My suggestion is to take it easy, not to try and make the perfect Christmas. Don’t clean every nook and corner of the house. The family will certainly enjoy it more if we are happy and relaxed. Kids would rather have time with Mom than a 10 course meal on Christmas Day.

Enjoy Christmas With These Essential Oils

Christmas Spirit

Here are some essential oils that are excellent during the festive season. They bring a sense of relaxation,  spreading the feelings of  joy, peace and love.  The home smells and feels like Christmas when they are diffused.

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit is a purifying blend of evergreen, citrus and spice. It brings joy, happiness, peace and security when diffused around the house. Just the feelings we’d like to have especially at Christmas time!


Orange Essential OilOrange brings a bit of sunshine to the winter wonderland. It is refreshing and uplifting, making you feel like smiling!

Orange oil is cold pressed from the rind and it has high levels of a constituent called d-limonene which is especially beneficial for our wellbeing.

What better way than beginning your day with diffusing some orange essential oil – the whole family will benefit!




We used to stick cloves into oranges to decorate the Christmas table and to give the beautiful smell of Christmas to the rooms when I was a child. Why not try that trick, they look pretty too!

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Clove Essential OilClove essential oil can be diffused with orange oil as well. Clove creates a sense of protection and courage and it will stimulate mentally and encourage sleep. Sleeping well at night is key to keeping calm and happy in the midst of over exited children!





Idaho Blue Spruce

Idaho Blue Spruce Essential Oil



Idaho Blue Spruce is calming to the mind and body. The woodsy aroma invigorates the senses, bringing about feelings of peace and balance.

Diffusing it and closing your eyes makes you feel like you are in the deep forest; very grounding.

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Frankincense Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense was one of the gifts that 3 wise men brought to baby Jesus according to Christianity.  In ancient times it was valued more than gold, it was used in anointing. Frankincense is therefore one of the must oils for Christmas. Diffusing or using the oil topically on the third eye on forehead increases spiritual awareness and uplifts spirits. It is soothing and comforting. The aroma is warm balsamic and spicy.

These beautiful oils help with creating that perfect harmony in the home to enjoy the Christmas time.

May your Christmas be filled with Joy, Peace and Love!


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