5 Things NOT To Do Before Going To Sleep

5 Things NOT To Do Before Going To Sleep

Everybody deserves a good night’s sleep after a long day at work. Many people all over the world suffer from insomnia. Most of the insomnia cases are self-induced. There are things you might be doing before bedtime that are bringing you trouble.

The brain requires relaxation before bedtime to release the sleep hormones. If you do not get some quality sleep, your performance will be low in the next day. The body operates like a machine. When a machine overheats, it is switched off to cool. The body also requires some quality time to cool o and rejuvenate for the next day. Below are some things that you need to stop doing before going to sleep.

1. Smoking

The brain receives signals from the body when it is time to sleep. It then releases melatonin, the hormone that causes you to sleep. When you smoke before bedtime, your body receives nicotine. Nicotine is a very strong stimulant. You do not need any stimulation when going to bed.

Nicotine has been known to cause stimulation, and that is why some people cannot start their day without a smoke. This tactic cannot work for you during bedtime. If you are a smoker and are experiencing insomnia, it’s best to seek medical advice on how to quit smoking.

Vapers are no exception; vaping also result in insomnia. Vaping e-liquids are made with tobacco. When you vape with tobacco e-juice, you are also taking in nicotine, and the effects are similar to a traditional smoker. Drop this habit and enjoy some quality sleep.

2. Drinking Caffeine

Many people in the US and the world cannot resist a cup of hot coffee or tea before bed time; little do they know that these beverages cause insomnia. Caffeine is one of the strongest stimulants. If you are a coffee lover, you will notice how fast you feel energized after a cup or two.

This excitement creeps in during bed time. Trust me; you will be too energized and alert to fall asleep. Many people do not realize the repercussions caffeinated beverages have on the brain during bed time. Another culprit of caffeine is chocolate.

If you chew on a bar of chocolate before bed time, the chances are that you will stare at the roof for a long time. The best way to handle this is by not keeping chocolate bars in the house at night. Caffeine stays in the body for over 12 hours. This can have adverse effects on your sleeping pattern.

3. Stress

Do not go to bed while angry. This is the advice that is dished put too many couples. The reason for this is because you are unlikely to fall asleep while angry. Your brain will be preoccupied with thoughts, and the signal it receives is to remain awake until all the problems are solved.

Do not pick a fight with anybody before bedtime. The chances are that you will be awake thinking about it all night.

4. Using Smart Phones, TV, and Tablets

The blue light produced by these electronic devices are enemies of good sleep. If you have noticed, it takes you longer to fall asleep minutes after using any of these devices.

Resist the urge to watch a movie in bed unless it is very boring. Resist that urge to log on to your social media platform while in bed.

You might be introducing yourself to a dreaded condition called insomnia. Do not even check your email. This too will affect your sleep. You have all day and some of the nights to do all the things you love on your phone.

Do not do them during bed time if you intend to get a good night’s sleep.

5. Eating Heavy Meals

Avoid overeating before bedtime. The mere discomfort of an overloaded stomach will keep your eyes open all night. The body needs ample time to digest food. This means that no fatty foods during bed time. Fat takes longer to digest, and the body needs some time to break it down before you go to bed. Failure to comply with this will give you one long night.

Many people do not realize that they are committing these mistakes. Drop these habits and enjoy a good and quality sleep.

If you have any tips of your own, please share them below in the comments.

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